What is email verification- importace, methodes, tools

What is Email Verification? Importance, Method & Tools to use

Dude, I’m back here with a requested topic. Many have told me that your email has a high bounce rate. Today I will try to answer all the questions in your mind, what is email verification? Reasons for increasing bounce rate and how to reduce it, we will discuss in detail in today’s episode of email marketing.

When email is sent, it returns and does not reach the original customers. This has become an obstacle or problem in your email marketing journey. 

So, since you want to know about email verification or have problems with it, I can assume that you have finally made your email list large enough.
No problem, if you haven’t started email marketing yet, know today’s episode and it will help you a lot later. If you don’t know How to run an Email Marketing Campaign? How to do? So, go and find out now, I have written a full article about this topic.
It’s time to learn how to verify your collected email addresses to keep your email list clean, improve deliverables, and reduce your bounce rate.
Creating your email list as well as verifying those emails is one of the most important steps in email marketing. That’s why I dedicated this whole article today to email verification and why you shouldn’t ignore it.
Let’s get started. 

What is Email Verification? 

On the question, What is Email Verification? – As the name implies, is a widely used method of verifying that the emails in your list are connected to an inbox. In other words, this process ensures that the messages you are sending must go somewhere.
By email verification we usually mean the process of removing ineligible and malicious emails from your list.
Usually when you show customers a pop-up or opt-in form on your website through an email subscriber plugin. Then many of your customers will give or try to give wrong email address. And then you can use two methods to verify and sort their email addresses.
If you provide a verification link or OTP number through a welcome mail, your customers will verify their email address by clicking on that link or providing the OTP number. This is the first method, so that you can easily fill out your list with a valid and original email address.
You can avoid this problem if you want. After collecting your emails, a sample process will be set up by copying and pasting all the emails into any one of the email verification tools. 
This process checks for unexpected emails and, based on the results, divides the list into two rejected or approved ones.
I will try to give a few strong and effective email verification tools suggestion at the end of today’s episode, which you can use effortlessly. 

Importance: Why we Shouldn’t Skip Email Verification

I have already said that what is email verification, now let’s take a look at what is actually needed for email verification? Why would you verify our email list? 
If you think that you do not need to verify your email then you are wrong. You will lose your temper when you see that your bounce rate is increasing gradually, email opening rate is very low, you are not getting any click in marketing. 
You need to check the validity of the email.
Experts believe that “Email verification is important and it is disastrous to ignore it when marketing email. This can lead to campaign issues that can take weeks to resolve.”
So, in no way should you neglect the email verification step.

Main Reasons

Let’s take a look at the main reasons, 

Reason- 1: It Reduces Hard Bounce

We need to understand first what a hard bounce thing really is. That is, when you send an email to an address, it returns to the sender without going to the recipient, and when it appears as a reason, the recipient’s address does not exist.
Do you understand what that means? Of course that email address is invalid.
Suppose you send mail to 100 addresses in this way. 20 returns came from him and the reason was that the address was invalid. And then your hard bounce rate will be 20%. Do you understand now?
So? Now if you can find out in advance that those 20 addresses are invalid, what will happen? Isn’t that interesting? If you want to know in advance which email addresses are invalid then you must verify the emails.
If you can’t reduce the bounce rate, you’ll end up in a lot of risk zones. Because, high bounce rate usually indicates spammers. That’s why ESPs don’t treat users who have high bounce rates kindly.
When your bounce rate goes up, your reputation goes down. Most importantly, once it exceeds a critical threshold, your account will be blacklisted.
Now, you know what is email verification, what is hard bounce and what to do, everything is up to you.

Reason-2 : Helps to keep your email list fresh

Friends, you may be surprised to learn that, annually, 22.5% of email addresses become invalid. It’s not your fault or mine; It occurs naturally due to various external reasons.
It is often seen that people change companies at different times or customers change their mail address and then the personal or corporate email addresses of your customers on your list become inactive.
The first reason I stated when explaining that the higher your bounce rate, the lower your sender reputation, and you will be caught as a spammer. 
That’s why, if you don’t check regular email lists, you will get a 22.5% bounce rate in one year, which is a real blow to your sender’s reputation.
Extra Tip: Check your email list at least once every month and a half.

Reason-3 : Maintains High Sender Reputation

Your, sender’s reputation depends on many things. We have already mentioned about bounce rate, the lower it is, the better your sender reputation will be.

Combining these aspects, you need to make sure that you do not report spam. In this case, you can experiment on a topic, be sure to warm up new email accounts!
Use email verification services consistently in your marketing. These will help you maintain a high sender reputation and avoid blacklisting.

Reason-4 : Improves Email Deliverability

Email delivery protects the reputation of the email sender. When you use an email verifier to filter out all valid-invalid email addresses in your store, it will show you two types of mail after filtering.
Then you can be sure that the remaining email addresses are able to receive your mails, which means that your messages reach the correct inbox. After all, your email delivery is high and that protects your email sender’s reputation. 

Methods to check an Email

You can find many ways to check if an email.
Here I will show some effective methods, but I will also tell you which method is the best. Let’s take a look:

Method-1 : Search for Addresses on Google or other Search Engines

This way you will not be able to see if an email address is fake, but will know if the address is valid. Nowadays, people usually post their email addresses all over the internet- be it their website or social media network.
If you only have a few email addresses to check, you can try this method. Because it will not damage the reputation of your domain. However, if you have a lot of email addresses, be sure to leave it out. This is a very time consuming matter.

Method-2 : Send A Test Mail to the Address

Although this technique is the most straightforward, I urge you to apply this method. We want our readers to benefit and not go astray. We want our readers to be successful in their business.
We recommend that you refrain from using this method if you have many emails to check.
I have already said about sender reputation. When you send emails to a fake or invalid email address, it will return and give you a message saying, “Your letter was not delivered to that address because the address was not found or unable to receive the email.”
Remember, this method is very harmful because using the method too often will increase your bounce rate which will damage the reputation of your sender as well as add you to the spam list. This can randomize your metrics.
But there is a solution.
That is, you need to use a dummy account and you can check by sending a test email from that account.
This method, like the first one, is much more time consuming and also very detrimental to your reputation.

Best Method: Use Email Verification Tool

If a marketer is asked, what is the easiest and best way to verify an email list?
The answer is definitely email verification tools or software. You can verify hundreds to thousands of email addresses with just a few clicks using email verification software to verify that an email address is valid.
Although not all email verification tools have the same features. Its features vary from company to company. 
Depending on how many email addresses you want to verify each month, you can easily verify your collected email addresses once you purchase a package.
I would like to mention some tools which I hope will be very useful for you.

Tools to use in term of Email Verification 

So far, we have discussed, What is email Verification? How important is it for marketing? What are the methods to check an email?- all these issues in details.

Now it is our turn to learn about the best tools on the market, through which we can easily verify our lists.

As many of the tools I’ve described about below, each one is the best of its kind. In a word, a Masterpiece. Feel free to use any of these if you wish. With their simple interface you will get all the features you need. 

Moreover, I have considered the price side a bit.

So find out the best one: 

1. ZeroBounce

According to ZeroBounce experts, it has a 98% accuracy rate. It is an award-winning email verification software tool that works seamlessly with many other popular marketing platforms, including Cloudflare or MailChimp.
It uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) scoring system that is able to easily and quickly determine if your marketing list addresses are valid or not.
  • Very affordable
  • Ordinary free plan
  • Reliable performance
  • The initial steps are a bit confusing
It offers Pay-As-You-Go rates. Its price starts at only $15. Free trial available.

2. NeverBounce 

With over 135,000 users worldwide, NeverBounce is now one of the most user-friendly tools for verifying email addresses. This will ensure you get 99.9% deliverable, which is really unimaginable.
NeverBounce’s verification process takes place in real-time, so you’ll immediately see valid or invalid addresses.
  • Ensures deliverability up to 99.9%
  • Exist both pay-as-you-go prices and subscription plans, 
  • User-friendly
  • Sometimes mails are marked as “Unverified”.
Price start from just $8/mo. Free trial available.

3. DeBounce 

Made in India, this tool is email verification tool with a 4.8 (Excellent) rating out of 5 in TrustPilot. Not only is it the best in India but also it is now one of the best email verification tool in over the world.
It is now one of the best selling tools due to its excellent features as well as affordable price. I find its price affordable and its customer support is amazing.
I would like to invite all my Indian as well as Asian friends to experiment with this tool.
  • 4.8 (Excellent) reviews on TrustPilot.
  • Excellent customer support
  • Too much easy to use.
  • Does not offer any subscription plans.
Very affordable. Only $10 for 5000 email verification.

4. GetEmail.io

Buddy, you may be surprised to learn that some of the world’s largest companies, including Oracle, IBM, Google, and Shopify, use the GetEmail.io email verification tool.
This is one of the best tools for professional marketers to check email delivery.
A team of marketing experts has discovered the secret to the success of getEmail.io, the secret is its big data and machine learning algorithms. If you want you can try using GetEmail.io for free, if you like or need to buy a big package later.
  • The machine learning algorithm is much larger.
  • Good customer support.
  • Scanning speed is also very fast.
  • Also usable for free.
  • The plans are very expensive.
Free package available. Price only $49/mo.

5. MyEmailVerifier

Its Own Customer Satisfaction Statistics show that over 99.9% of customers are happy with the MyEmailVerifier email verification tool, and we find no reason to doubt this statistic.
MyEmailVerifier is currently working directly and seamlessly with large companies like GetResponse, MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, etc.
It offers you a high performance real-time API, which is really amazing. .In terms of price, it can be said to be quite affordable.
  • Very cheap.
  • Maximum Customer Satisfaction (9.99%)
  • API’s performance is great.
  • Limited free trial.
You can buy at the price you want. But you only have to spend $1.48 to get 500 emails verified. In my opinion, there can be nothing less valuable than this.

Final Thoughts – What is Email Verification? Importance, Checking Method & Tools to Use.

Partner, no more today. If you’ve been reading the whole article, by now you may have known, actually what is email verification? What are its real functions? Why is it so important? Which methods can be used to verify a list of email?
And also, at the end of the article I mentioned a total of 5 email verification tools that are actually very popular in the current market.
With the help of the best email verification tools described in this article, you can quickly and efficiently find and get rid of the wrong email addresses.
Of course, invalid email addresses are corrupting your marketing list and making it difficult to achieve a positive ROI in your campaign. 
Regardless of which of the above email verification tools you choose, be sure to use it regularly to maintain the highest possible delivery.
Have any questions about email verification that we haven’t mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments section and we will add any information we have missed.
And also, do comments which of these 5 tools you have decided to use.  We will write an article for you later with a detailed discussion of the tool that most of you will talk about, where we will discuss all the good and bad aspects of that tools.
Thank you very much for staying with us till the end. Many good wishes for you. Hopefully you will be successful in this marketplace very soon.
Good Luck!!

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