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Importance of Keyword Research in SEO (Detailed Guidelines)

Well friend, tell me one thing, what is the benefit of researching a keyword? Many have asked me through various media, what is the importance of keyword research in SEO? There is a broad answer to this.
If you think that keyword research is a small thing, then you are wrong. Read the whole article carefully, I hope you will find the correctness of my answer. 
Dude, everything is so short? Let’s discuss this deeply.
how important keyword research in terms of seo
While keyword research may seem like a daunting task, it is not like that. Don’t want to know which keywords are most relevant to your business?
I know, your answer is “Absolutely Yes”.
In this episode of Keyword Research, we will tell you about the importance of keyword research in SEO and try to give you an idea of ​​all the tools you need and need to know to find the best keywords for your business, including:
  • What is keyword research?
  • Will know the importance of keyword research in SEO. 
  • Steps to conducting simple and effective keyword research.
  • Various tools to research keyword.
Use these tips and tricks. So you can target your potential customers and provide services just like them!

What is Keyword Research? 

To understand the importance of keyword research in SEO, we must first understand what this “Keyword Research” means. I know all my reader friends are aware of this. Yet I have many new visitors who are not familiar with this term at all.
Before I go into our main topic, let’s talk a little bit about “Keyword Research”.
Keyword research is the process of finding out the words that people use in various search engines to search for information on any one subject. Also how many times those keywords have been searched in search engines like Google and Bing.
This is the best way to find new, relevant keywords for your paid or free marketing or for your website ranking and for expanding your business campaign.
There are various tools available in the market for keyword research. Your keyword research can be conducted through these tools which we will discuss in more detail below.
Our main goal is to find the right search terms that are relevant to your business content and offers. When we conduct research on our keyword metrics, what keywords to target and what to look for when targeting:
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • SEO Difficulty (how difficult it is to rank for keywords)
  • Paid Difficulty (How much can a paid campaign cost)
  • Your own site authority.
Friend, did you understand correctly? 

The Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

The legend Neil Patel says,
"No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO"
Now the question is what is technical SEO? With Neil Patel Sir, When it comes to Technical SEO, What is the relationship between keyword research and technical SEO?
Technical SEO is a sub-category of SEO. By doing this you can optimize the infrastructure of your website so that it can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines.
It works with the technical elements of your website – such as sitemap, page speed, URL structure, schema, site navigation and much more.
importance of keyword research in seo
Behind all of this, is keyword research.
You can’t get your article or website to the top of the search engine without thorough keyword research. You will need a researched keyword to form the URL of your article. So it is important to understand the importance of keyword research in SEO.
Did you know that Google processes 5.5 billion search queries every day. Keywords are not only your online presence but also a pillar of your business growth. Since you are looking for keyword research, we can assume your business is online based.
But there are a lot of keywords here, it’s on top of a niche of your business! Now you can’t target all the keywords. Or if you like a keyword and you use it, it doesn’t matter. You must research keywords to find the most profitable ones for your business.
If your content does not address the terms and conditions of interest to your audience, then it is basically useless. But it has an art and a science.
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When you go to do SEO your article, you have to choose a keyword. You need to complete your entire SEO by targeting that keyword.
Your title, H1 tag, paragraph, meta description, image text, or your URL – you all need a specific keyword. And you don’t have to put that keyword in vain. And so you must do a little detailed keyword research.
Friends, the importance of keyword research in the case of SEO is unimaginable. Without the right balance of keywords, your search marketing campaigns (paid and organic) will go completely astray. So you need to know how to do keyword research.
Let’s jump to the next part, when and how to do keyword research. 

How to start Keyword Research?

Only then do you realize the importance of keyword research in the case of SEO. Now the question is, how to do keyword research and where to start? Here are two simple steps to get you started:

Step-1 : Discovering Your Business

You start by thinking of different categories and topics related to your business first. Think as broadly as possible and don’t worry about being too specific at first, if you are a beginner.
For example, if you own a restaurant, you can break down your items based on the type of food you sell, such as pizza, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, various masala foods, brownies, cookies, and so on.
Now you can use Google Docs or Excel spreadsheets or Notepad and create a separate tab for each of these main topics with one subject and place different sub-subjects related to that subject inside the tabs.
Another example, you took a few more tabs inside the tab you made for the burger, listing the dishes as Lentil and Mushroom Burger, Stuffed Bean Burger, Pizza Burger, Supreme Veggie Burger, Butter Chicken Twin Burgers etc.
It can help you plan everything you think.

Step-2 : How to do Keyword Research and which tools to use.

Whenever you learn about the importance of keyword research in SEO, you are going to learn how to do it.
Okay friend, this is where the fun begins! A lot of things will be easier for you if you really think of yourself as your customer. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.
You can start with a simple intelligence. We have already given an example of a restaurant business. Let’s do some detailed research on the keyword “restaurant”.
Let’s focus on “Restaurants”. Since you have a restaurant. Now you want to make it online. Now you need some keywords for “Restaurant” niche. Because you can’t rank your website with a single keyword. That’s why you need some more keywords. The keywords with which you will rank your various pages and articles.
Buddy, I’ll take you a little deeper after this. Keep reading with the mind.
There are usually two types of keywords. Short-tail and Long-tail.

1. Short-tail:

Short-tail keywords are those where only the name of your topic or niche will be there. These are usually one or two words. The SEO difficulty of such keywords is almost 70+. Also, its search volume is usually very high, which is why it is very difficult to rank your page or article if you target short-tail keywords.

2. Long-tail:

Longtail keywords are usually very long. Where your niche can be anything related. These are usually 3 or more words. The search volume of long tail keywords is much lower. And its SEO difficulty is maybe below 50.
For these reasons, articles or pages targeted at long-tail keywords are easily ranked and moved to the first page of search engines.
Friends, hopefully by now you have understood.
Let us now turn to the example we gave earlier. Our niche is “Restaurant Business”. Let’s see what these related keywords might be-
Suppose pizza and burgers are available at your restaurant. Here “Pizza” and “Burger” are our two main keywords. Let’s find out the keywords then-
Here are the keywords for “Pizza” – Pizza hut, Pizza hut near me, Pizza Restaurant, Best Pizza places in US, etc. 
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See, here the monthly search volume of the word “Pizza Restaurant” is 246K. And its SEO difficulty is more than 70. This is a short-tail keyword. If you write articles targeting this keyword, you will not be able to rank it.
On the other hand, “Best Pizza places in US” is a long-tail keyword. Its monthly search volume is only 480 and SEO difficulty is only 49. If you can properly SEO your message or article by targeting with this keyword, you will definitely rank.
Should you stop here? No!
You need to know more about the cost per click (CPC) of your keyword.  Because if you launch AdSense on your site, you will get a revenue from AdSense.
The higher the CPC of your keywords, the higher your AdSense revenue will be. You should also focus on the paid difficulty of your keyword. Because if you ever need to do a paid campaign, it will help you.
Do you understand what I mean so far?
Congratulations, you’re done.

Learn about the Best 10 Keyword Research tool.

Then you should also understand that you must use a keyword research tool to do the work of that keyword research. Be it free or paid. You must use one of the tools to know the information like CPC, search volume, paid difficulty, SEO difficulty etc.
Free tools have many limitations from which you can not properly research keywords. On the other hand, with the paid tools you will get all the data of a keyword instantly.
No worries, friend. 
I will now talk about some of the tools that are freemium. Freemium means you can use it for free. But to get advanced features you need to convert to Pro or Premium version.
Remember, if your keywords are remote or very specific, keyword research tools will reveal that your keywords are not as focused.
If you want a question type long-tail keyword, type your keyword and search for “Answer The Public”. There you will find hundreds of question which are searched by people. 
Keyword research tools will help you discover which keywords are worth investing in. There you will find everything you need to get organic traffic.
Dude, I’ve listed the top tools below, so you decide which one to try first.

Tools to use to Research Keywords

In the term of Importance of Keyword Research in SEO, I would like to mention some of tools which are now on the top of popularity and very useful.
Let’s take a look:

1. SEMrush

semrush-best keyword research tool for seo
SEMrush is a great tool that allows a customer to do extensive keyword research through both premium paid and free versions. There is not much limitation in the free version.
Also in the free version, it provides a list of organic search results, ranging from organic search volume and CPC to competitive information and organic search results for each keyword.
For more in-depth analysis with 10,000 or more results per report, you can upgrade it. But it depends on your goals whether you use the free version or the premium one.

Key Features:

  • 40+ Projects
  • 5000+ Keywords to track
  • Content Marketing Platform
  • Google Data Studio Integration
  • Share of Voice metric
  • API Access
  • Backlink analytics etc.


There are three different plans. Price starts at $99/mo. Free trial available.

2. KWFinder

kwfinder- the ultimate keyword research tool
You can use KWFinder to make keyword research faster, easier, and more informative because it provides quick access to all the information you need. This way you don’t have to hesitate to make the right decision for your position.
This will allow you to expose your competitors’ keyword usage so that you can research competitive keywords.
When you search for one or more keywords in KWFinder, this tool instantly displays several indicators for the keywords:
  • Trend: The number of searches for keywords in the last 12 months.
  • Search: Approximate number of searches per month for that keyword in different countries.
  • CPC: The estimated cost per click for a keyword to run a paid campaign.
  • PPC: An index from 0 to 100 indicating the level of competition in Google advertising.
  • SEO Difficulty: Here too a number from 0 to 100 indicates how difficult it is to rank for a keyword.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited competitor keyword
  • 1200+ Keyword lookups
  • 700+ Keyword suggestions
  • 1,200,000+ Backlink rows monthly
  • At a time 10 login access
  • 1500+ Keyword tracking daily etc.


Three different plans. Price starts at $ 29 / mo. 10 day free trial available.
The great SEO Expert of, Brain Dean says about KWFinder :
"KWFinder has lots of the features that other tools have. But unlike most other tools, it's VERY intuitive. At $29/month you really can’t go wrong with a Mangools subscription. Great value."
Brian Dean- Keyword research
Brain Dean
SEO Expert

3. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner - keyword research tool google
If you have a Google Ads account, you’ll have free access to Google Keyword Planner. To use Google Keyword Planner, first log in to your Google Ads account and then click on the “Tools” bar on the right.
There are many ways to use Keyword Planner. You can:
  • Write a broad topic to get a clear idea of ​​specific keywords
  • Upload a keyword list or enter all the keyword data you need. Quick search for keywords, seasonal trends, and other data.
  • Enter the URL of the website to see which keywords your competitors are bidding on and ranking.

4. Answer The Public

answer the public- wh question explorer
With this awesome tool with a super weird homepage you can see what kind of queries are being searched in search engines. It’s like if you give me a keyword, I’ll give you a thousand popular questions based on this keyword.
Just type in your keywords and see the beautiful visuals that appear, the words they start with (where, which, who, how, why, etc.)
I have already given an example with the keyword “pizza restaurant”. If I type “pizza restaurant” here, it gives me a minimum of 100 keyword suggestions with results like “pizza restaurant with private room” or “pizza restaurant near me” or “how to open a pizza restaurant”.

Key Features:

  • 20 Search Listening Alerts
  • Unlimited searches
  • Unlimited users
  • Compare data over time
  • CSV export
  • Hide branches & suggestions
  • High res images


Three plans. Best Value Price $79/mo. There is no free trial. But you can use Lifetime for free if you want, but there are limitations.

5. SpyFu

spyfu- the best keword planner
SpyFu is basically designed so that one can learn the most profitable keywords and their ads from its competitors.
This is free, you don’t even have to log in. Type the URL of the site of your competitor you want to check in the search bar and you will see the results directly. If you want to see all your competitors’ sites at once, you must first create a free account. Then you can log in and do whatever you want.
SpyFu is able to collect data from the past so you can see how your own site or your competitor’s site has dropped or risen in the rankings for specific keywords. You can compare your site with other sites in your niche.
If you are an email marketer, you must not compare your website with a health related website.
See the comparison of Neil Petel Sir’s website vs. some other sites on similar topics in the picture above.


  • Unlimited search results.
  • Unlimited data exports.
  • Unlimited domain overview. 
  • 10+ years historical data
  • 2000 sales leads & domain contacts
  • 40k weekly tracked keyword rankings
  • API access
  • Custom branded reporting.
  • 5 user logins


You can use Lifetime Free if you want. If you want to upgrade for advanced features, here are three plans. Price starts only $33/mo.

6. LongTailPro

longtailpro- keyword research special tool
The Long Tail Pro tool focuses on how you can rank against your competitors on the first page of google. Like most premium keyword tools, Long Tail Pro offers a detailed overview of your keyword-related data.
One can use Long Tail Pro to see the top search results for your keywords and can also find out where you are ranking against your competition.
You can also track specific keywords by typing, so you can see how your content is losing or ranking for those keywords over time.

Key Features:

  • 6000+ keywords result per day
  • Custom Difficulty Targets
  • Keyword Profitability
  • CPC and Advertiser Competition
  • Filtering and keyword grouping
  • 1000+ Export Results
  • 1000+ keywords tracking
  • 2000+ domain tracking per day
  • At a time 5 different users login access
  • Daily rank updates etc.


Three different plans. Price only $23/mo. There is a nice side to this. If you purchase any plan for one year, it will give you the first 4 months free, and the next 12 months according to the plan. This means that if you buy for 12 months, you can use it for a total of 16 months. That’s great.

Conclusion : Importance of keyword research in SEO

Friends, I hope you have learned about Keyword Research and the importance of keyword research in SEO and have enjoyed this complete guide.
Now it’s your turn – let me know your favorite method of keyword research by commenting. And if you use any of the above keyword research tools please let me know in the comment box.
Hope you have benefited. Pray for me, that I may write more good and helpful content for you. I wish you all the best and end today’s episode here. Stay well.
Thank you!

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