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What is & How Create Landing Page in 2022 (Explained)

Howdy! In this particular article we will learn what is a landing page? Here’s how create landing page, here are 10 easy steps to make and also the types of landing pages.
Many asked me to give a detailed guideline on landing pages. Today’s article I am dedicating to all my friends who really want to consolidate their place in the online marketplace and be successful.
How Create Landing Page in 2022
If you want to grow your business online in this digital age or dive into the world of digital marketing, SEO and paid search advertising, you are probably going to face a whole new vocabulary and set of ideas.
If you haven’t already done any of these, then you are bound to have questions about creating your landing page along with your digital marketing strategy and how it fits.
How create landing page? Creating a landing page can seem like a daunting task, and it can happen.
You can easily create a landing page by dragging and dropping, but you will fully understand at the end of the discussion that it will not be too much impact for your business, marketing or email campaign. But I want to emphasize that landing pages are crucial to lead conversions.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any web page that a consumer or subscriber or your client can come and land. But when it comes to marketing, this is usually a unique and single page that will definitely stand out from your homepage or any other page. It will target a focused purpose.
Basically, when a visitor wants to be your customer or subscriber, bringing them to this landing page is your first step. Your landing page allows you to make a trade, a special offer, a piece of different information or a deal in exchange for providing your contact information.
Landing pages can also be click-through, which leads to your e-commerce site or sales page or other page based on lead generation. It may be that as soon as the visitor clicks on the button on your landing page, it will take you to the sales page or promotion page of your product or your website.
You can also use landing pages to collect visitors’ email addresses. Using Lead Generation landing pages you usually offer items such as a free e-book, free trial, contest entry, coupon, free giveaway, various gift cards, etc. in exchange for submitting contact information or email address.
By creating a good landing page you can convince a potential customer that it is worthwhile to provide personal details in exchange for what you want to offer.
It’s not just a landing page at a time or even only one landing page. In fact, marketing experts probably suggest that you can maintain and create landing page multiple if you want, in which case you need to keep in mind that your customers or subscribers should be divided according to your niche.

Types of Landing Pages

This simple rule should be followed before how create landing page, in order to use landing pages you need to enable a dedicated page that shows visitors that they have landed in the right place.
Never use busy homepages or product pages, as it is likely to annoy the audience. Landing pages need to be created in such a way that everything is clear and it sets out what the results will be from a visitor’s click-through.
Types of landing page
You can increase the chances of conversions by making sure you are using the right kind of landing page. Before to jump on how create landing page, Let’s take a look at the types of landing pages and what they are used for:

1. Lead Generation Landing Page

A lead-generation landing page is primarily created for the purpose of collecting leads through an opt-in form or data collection form. You can also call it a lead-capturing page.
These types of pages are usually created for different purposes but are often used in the middle of the sales funnel, which helps customers evaluate your offers and increase conversion rates. 
It simultaneously represents both a request or obligation and a reward The request or obligation is the information you ask for in the form and the reward is the specific offer that you have agreed to make to capture the lead.
In that case your request and reward must be well balanced. Anything you promote or give as a reward must be valuable to the customer and you must give them the details. The last thing you need to do is add them to your mailing list.

2. Landing Page vs Website Homepage

First, some people may wonder why they need a landing page where their primary purpose is to get visitors to their homepage. The correct answer is that getting traffic to your home page is definitely something to appreciate, it is less likely to convert than a landing page.
On the home page we have different types of information that invite users to visit different locations or other pages. If a visitor arrives at your homepage, he or she must go there with a specific goal in mind.
The first time they see a variety of services, information or product and product options, they can turn off the pages once they have finished viewing. What is the main purpose of the homepage?
That is to take users to other pages where you have provided them with information of their choice.
Your homepage may be a landing page focused and specific or your homepage will be focused through your landing page. Where you use your landing page you can collect email addresses as well as send traffic to your homepage.
This includes collecting emails for your email marketing as well as getting traffic to your website.
A landing page is a clean and less informative page that invites visitors through a simple and clear call to action button. The homepage, on the other hand, presents all the products or options your business has to offer to help your website attract more visitors.

3. Click-Through Landing Page

By definition, a click-through page is the opposite of a lead-generation page, depending on the use of a common form. This is basically a general mediator between your ad and the page. Which is what you want to direct your traffic to in the end. 
For example, it is often seen that when an ad is linked to a shopping cart, the click-through page is used to link the ad to this cart. It contains only a simple and concise explanation, and it must contain a link so that your visitor can find the final destination by clicking.
If you can do it right, it will be a bold and unequivocal call.

4. Squeeze Page

The sole purpose of the squeeze page is to add potential leads to a simple mailing list and to collect email addresses for it. It’s a bit like a lead-generation page but a squeeze page is also used to collect data.
It is usually placed at the top of the sales funnel.

5. Sales Page

Designing a sales page is one of the most important tasks you can do. You expect leads through other landing page creations.
But with the creation of this page, you are no longer just looking for leads but through it you will persuade people to buy your product where there will be a completely different offer of a combination of a basic request and a reward. 
You will use the sales page type landing page at the bottom of the funnel. Creating your sales page requires a touch of precision to fully understand the position of your traffic on the sales journey and to know the needs of your customers.

6. Splash page

They are not planned to gather information or create leads and serve just to give exceptionally fundamental data to your guests before they enter your site.

7. Information-commercial

Infomercial landing pages balance pointedly with squeeze or lead-generation pages in that, though these two assortments are portrayed by their quickness, infomercials tell your users a long, elaborate story, utilizing duplicate that reviews the emotive and edgy characteristics of those late-night deals aces.
The point is to keep users looking over and get them to focus on a buy.

8. Viral Landing Pages

Viral landing pages are planned basically to construct brand mindfulness. While they will for the most part contain connections to an organization site or other site page, these are normally introduced quietly and inconspicuously.

9. Microsites

A microsite is, as the name proposes, a committed, little site. It is made for a particular campaign or in view of one designated deals objective.

How Create Landing Page In 10 Simple Steps: 

How create landing page? Creating a landing page for your website from scratch is not easy at all.
If you want to capture the minds of your visitors, you need to create a highly effective landing page which is only possible by following these 10 steps.
If you sort your landing page like crazy, it certainly won’t be able to get you to your targeted lead. We can help you fix it if you want.
How to build a Landing Page step by step
There is no reason to worry. We’ve covered these 10 steps, following the golden rule of how to create landing page. 

Step-1 : Create a Personality

There is a big difference between “Yes, I want it” and “Yes, I need it”.
But at the end of the analysis the meaning of the two sentences is the same. No one in history has ever said “Yes, I want it” if it wasn’t really needed. And please note, I didn’t use the word “Need” here. Because it is never a matter of one’s needs. It’s just what they want so they need it.
Now, in order to do this, you must know who these people are. Know their personality, age, habits, budget, location, their wants, needs and other features, which will help you to sell or promote your product or service in the right way.
So before create landing page, you must first know about the personality of your buyers or customers and create according to that personality. Once you’ve done all of these accessories, you’ll be ready to design a landing page to suit them and convert them.
A personality is your ideal target audience. So this page contains age, education, career and some more specific information like their top priority, favorite quotes, likes and dislikes and many more things that obviously exist on your website and what you think is related to them coming to your website. Some basic features that may be included.
Of course, nothing was built in an instant. So you have to do some testing and get down to the ditch. But don’t be afraid. Their information will guide your success! 

Step-2: Set you Goal

You need to know your purpose first. And before you start creating gorgeous landing pages, you also need to know why you want to create it.
Let’s talk about what words you can use in your Call to Action button.
It is usually:
  • Fill out the form
  • Complete survey
  • Get Free Trial
  • Sign up for Free
  • Download free eBook
  • Order Now
  • Get Free Access
  • Register for a Webinar
  • Provide Contact Information
  • Download the Coupon
  • Free trial Access
  • Subscribe to a Newsletter
Stick to a single goal to reduce the amount of viewers’ choice. And it makes it even easier to create a truly effective landing page. 

Step-3: Keyword Research

As you all know, if you want a website or page to do search engine optimization (SEO) you have no choice but to choose keywords.

This can be time consuming, as there is a lot of competition here, but you need to pick the keywords if you want the best results. You need to research them properly so that search engines rank your page.

Do proper keyword research before creating a landing page
Remember to focus on using long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are more effective than short ones. They will help your page or website rank higher and often generate higher ROI.
This way you will attract exactly the traffic you are looking for and take them one step further to buy your product.
Start keyword research by making a list of terms that are relevant to your page.
For example, imagine you are going to release a free course on e-mail marketing like me, you are an expert email marketer.
Read Also : Email Marketing Free Course
See, Here the topic “Email Marketing Free Course“. There are two keywords, “Email marketing” and “Free course”. Notice that the two keywords are short and you will find out as soon as you do the research, the SEO difficulty of this keyword is much higher.
Due to which it is difficult to rank the website or page with these two keywords separately. Instead of using broad words like this, use your “Email marketing free course” – long-tail keywords like this. Its SEO difficulty is relatively low and it will easily come first in the rankings.
Understandable, isn’t it?
You can follow my Keyword Research Complete Guidelines if you wish.
Read also : Importance of Keyword Research in SEO.

Step-4: Write an interesting Title or Headline

To create landing page you need to focus on the title. Normally a landing page contains a very small amount of detailed discussion. In order to inform your visitors that what your page is about and to attract them, you must give a nice title, its importance is unimaginable. I can emphasize enough the importance of titles.
So maybe expert David Ogilvy says about the title of a page:
On average, five times as many people read headlines as they do body or detailed writing. When you wrote your title, you spent eighty cents out of a dollar.
 So, isn’t it important to emphasize a great title? 

Step-5: Create a friendly Call to Action button

Use a clear call to action button when creating a landing pages
It doesn’t take much talent to know that CTA (Call to Action) buttons are so good.
One study found that the click-through rate of CTA buttons increased by 28% compared to link-based CTAs. According to another blogger, CTAs that look like buttons increase clicks by 45%. CTA is the sweet little button on your landing page that invites your visitors to take quick action.
Whether it’s a free trial, free sign up, discount coupon or registration form, you need to have a button that can attract visitors. 

Step-6:  Add some Visual Content 

When you create landing page, the most important information should be shown first. That way, you can keep your traffic from exploring your site and persuading them to purchase your product.
However, you don’t need to include too much text on your landing page, because people don’t have time to read your long paragraph.
According to a 2018 survey by Microsoft, the average human attention span is 8 seconds.
8 seconds!
You need to use a maximum of 8 seconds to attract a person’s attention. Who could be your best friend in this case?
My friend, have an idea. Yes, exactly, pictures and videos. Which means visual content.
Stop loading your pages with text. Instead, use visuals to show most of your products to your customers. Visual content is easy to understand at a glance – which helps most sites capture their busy audience.
It is important to use the right visuals on your landing page. You can use the following 5 visuals when creating your landing page:
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Visualize Data
  • Different Colors
  • Real people
I hope you have a good idea about visuals. Can we go to step 6 now?
OK, Let’s fly to the next step!

Step-7: Linking

Is an optimized sales page enough?
– No. You need to link the sales page to a strong landing page. Attach a link to your optimized ad or sales page to the click to action button on your landing page. This will direct your visitors to your ad or sales page once they land on your landing page. Otherwise, all your efforts will fail.
So when you create a landing page, make sure that your landing page is able to take your visitors to a specific page. It’s like pointing them to the right place instead of taking them to your homepage and confusing them.
Because they do not know what to do, your landing page will guide them to the right place. So when creating your landing page, optimize for your sales page in a good way.
Now are you ready to jump to the next step?

Step-8: Use Documentary

Use some Documentary to create landing pages
Let’s start this step with a real life example, imagine you went to a restaurant with your friend to eat pizza.
When you call the waiter to order pizza, your friend says:
“Hey dude, why don’t you just try the burgers here? The burgers here are delicious and healthy.”
What would be your reaction in this case?
Maybe, first you want to know some additional details why he liked it. Then your friend said, “The burgers here have extra spices, nothing harmful to health, etc.”
Then you say, “Come on, let’s try a burger today.”
Have you thought about it? You just went to eat pizza, but ate burgers and left.
Now compare the common points with your landing page.
A consumer survey published in 2018 states that
91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
Through this survey you understand how social evidence can influence a buyer to purchase that particular product.
You can use the following for social proof:
  • Niche based case studies
  • Various testimonials
  • Customer ratings and reviews
  • Count the number of subscribers
  • Effective approval
  • Certification
  • Brand logo
  • Client logo
  • Social share calculation
  • Social connections
  • Test results
  • Positive comments users
Find out which one is right for you. Make sure you use pictures for these documentaries!
Be patient.

Step-9:  Add analysis tracking

You’ve worked hard on your landing page. The landing page you have created so far must be very tempting, if you follow everything in this article up to step-7. But wait, how do you know if the page is really tempting?
Well, you never know, unless you add analytics tracking to the page.
It doesn’t take much to create a landing page. You can easily create it by following the steps above. But it doesn’t do you any good unless you track its performance.
Website analytics will give you a lot of valuable information.
How your visitors come to your website, who they are, their age, their gender, their location, what device they use, even what keywords they come to your website by searching and how they behave while they are there, all these things you can track.
With all these reports and analysis you can create the right advertising plan.
See how fast and easy your business can grow. 
Wait and see.

Step-10: Optimization

After creating your landing page, it must be optimized. If you can optimize properly, you will also get a lot of traffic from search engines.
The main reason for optimizing the page is to make it easier for visitors to find your page and to make it easier for search engines to understand the purpose of your page.
Things to consider when optimizing your landing page:
  • Title Tags: Title tags are the first impressions of your visitors from your website. It is also a lot of beautifiers. There is no exact character limit for writing this, but you can use about 60-60 characters to write a standard title tag.
  • Meta tag description: A meta tag description basically summarizes the content of a page. This is a great opportunity to get the reader’s attention.
  • Header Tags: When you create a landing page they are followed by a title tag and a meta description followed by a header tag. Use your main keywords in the header tags. It improves your search engine rankings.
  • Content: The king! I won’t tell you anything about content. Because I said “king” in one word. Yes, content is the king of everything, be it an article or a landing page, or your website. The better your content, the more likely it is that you will come up early in the search results.

Tools to use to create Landing Page 

You may have a hard time adjusting to all the tips you’ve got so far to create a landing page. So you can choose a perfect platform that has all the basic things that are designed based on your needs and which you must get.
And with these tools you can create beautiful landing pages by drag-dropping.
So here is a short list of our top choice tools that have been tested by various experts. You can create an attractive landing page in no time without wasting your time.

1. Landingi

Landingi-the best landing page creator
If you want a web-based landing page builder then Landingi is it. It can be easily designed through drug-drop. It has a rich widget rich tools and lots of pre-made templates. Here you will get 50,000 monthly visitors with 5 top level domains free with SSL certificate.
4 plans. Core- $29/mo, Create- $85/mo, Automate- $69/mo and Agency- $109/mo.
Free Trial:
If you buy an annual plan, you will get 2 months free trial. That’s a nice thing.
I would personally recommend Landingi to everyone. I like it very much.

2. Instapage

Instapage-the best landing page builder in 2022
Instapage is a powerful all-in-one landing page solution. It has a flexible, freeform drag and drop interface. Notably, it has over 200 free templates, as well as A / B testing tools, which is actually very effective.
There are two plans, building and converting. Building plan price starts at $199/month, up to 33% discount on annual plan purchase. The converting plan is custom.
Free Trial :
In building plan you will be able to enjoy 14 days free trial with all kinds of features.

3. Unbounce

Unbounce- Number one landing page builder
Unbounce is for the fairly advanced. It’s an easy-to-use conversion platform that helps you increase sales and turn visitors into customers.
There are three plans, LAUNCH, OPTIMIZE* & ACCELERATE. Price start LAUNCH- $ 90/mo, OPTIMIZE-135/mo & ACCELERATE-225/mo. But 10% discount if you buy annual plan.
Free Trial:
Yes, 14 days free trial available.

4. Leadpages

Leadpages-best page builder
Leadpages lets you customize your landing page from scratch. Leadpages is called a digital lead generation platform that actually leads the current generation. At the same time it offers you several great and helpful widgets.
Two plans. Standard & Pro. $37/mo and $74/mo. Get free domain and hosting.
Free Trial:
There is no free trial. There are even more interesting offers. All plans for the first 2 months are only $1. And it will take this $1 payment.

5. ShortStack

ShortStack- Market's best landing page builder
What is the perfect platform for both beginners and advanced, to create a landing page? Undoubtedly it is a shortstack. However, this platform is suitable for those who have basic coding knowledge.
It has a great visual interface. Shortstack templates are easier to change than others.
4 plans. Start with $99/mo. Up to 2,50,000 monthly views. 
Free Trial:
Available for 14 days.

Conclusion of this Ultimate Guide to How Create Landing Page.

Great !! Come on! You have just been awarded Landing Page Master 2022. Now help me to put the king’s crown on your head.
Follow the tips above and go where you can rock your business like a professional.
You deserve it man!
By completing this article you are now a master on landing page by knowing What a landing page is? Types of and How create Landing Page?.
Promise me now, and now is the best time to create a landing page for your business. Please comment if you do not understand something or if any information is omitted by me.
Now do one thing, if you want to work with e-mail marketing, leave a comment called “Email Marketing Secrets”. We will be launching a free course very soon. We promise we won’t tell anyone but our customers!
Good luck & Stay with!

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