Email Marketing Campaign Strategy-How to run Email Marketing Campaign Free

Email Marketing Campaign Strategy-2022 (Explained)

Did you know that an average of 269 billion emails are sent every day? You can get it by doing a little research. Do you know how to run a successful email marketing campaign free in the midst of so many email campaigns? Thinking your email marketing campaign strategy isn’t working? Or will your email marketing really work? If an average of 269 billion emails are sent every day then you must understand that there is a lot of competition to get the attention of the visitors.
The demand for email marketing is growing day by day. That’s why it’s important to learn how to do email marketing properly, so that you can reach your target audience and capture their interest. Only then will you be successful in this marketplace.
At the end of this email marketing campaign tutorial you will learn the steps needed to run a successful email marketing campaign so you can get more attention, engagement, leads and sales.
email marketing campaign strategy

What is the Email Marketing Campaign Strategy?  

An email marketing campaign is a state or series of emails that an organization uses to communicate with their current and future potential customers. This is planned content that is delivered via email. .Used to achieve specific goals for an organization such as lead generation, attention grabbing, product promotion.
Email campaigns are an important part of introverted marketing, an ongoing process where marketers interact with buyers no matter what stage of the journey they are on.
Introverted marketing acknowledges that not everyone is ready to buy your product from you right now. But whenever they are excited about your product they will want to visit your store or website.
If you can continue to promote your product by re-targeting them, they will find you instantly and visit your store or website. If they want, they can buy your product.
But if you can’t re-target them and email them regularly, you will lose a visitor and your product will remain unsold. So that email marketing campaign strategy can be an important channel.
With email, you’ll be able to stay on top of both their attention and inbox by providing communication to their personal inbox.
You can use marketing automation software for this. These will automatically do the work for you. It is important that the recipients of an email promotion choose to receive this content and that each part offers something valuable. If you want, you can read this article on 10 Best Email Marketing Automation Tools.
Here is a complete guideline on how to use this software.
I would like to give you some examples of the various purposes that may be set to accomplish your email campaign:
  1. Traffic Generation – Email marketing campaigns can be an effective promotion channel for the products you create on your website.
  2. Awareness – People on your email list must know about your product. But not all of them are ready to make the purchase decision. This is why you can provide them with the most relevant educational materials so that you will always be at the top of their attention. You can use email marketing for this.
  3. Nurturing Lead – Since you are at the top of their attention, you can consider the highest purchase intentions as well as ways to identify the leads you have.
  4. Revenue Generation – You can create email marketing campaigns for your existing customers to promote upsell and cross-sell opportunities. There are some customers who can’t decide whether to buy or not. .You can convert a sale from leads that are close to such a purchase decision, but you can create a campaign for it in any other way. (An example might be, “Black Friday offer – one is free if you buy two, the offer is limited)

How to create your Email Marketing Campaign Free?

This time we will discuss our main theme. In this step we will learn how to make your email effective and run a successful email marketing campaign. Achieving higher click-through and conversion rates is quite difficult and challenging, but it is possible if you know some optimization tips and tricks.

1. Title for Email Marketing Campaign

title of an email marketing campaign free
The first thing you need to focus on is the title of your email marketing campaign. Creating a title is the single most important thing. The more eye-catchy your title, the higher your click-through rate and conversion rate. Over time, you should be as creative as possible.
Before launching a successful email marketing campaign, you must examine the different types of email titles. The first thing a user sees is the title of the email sent from your campaign.If you can give a little eye catchy title, it will help more readers engage and open the email. The more interesting your email topic is, the higher the opening rate.
Do a little Google search and you will find different readymade templates with which you can easily get an idea of how to write a beautifully arranged title in you email marketing campaign. So check with different title templates and see which one works best.

2. Email Length 

Let’s talk about the length of your email marketing campaign strategy. You see, many marketers will tell you that emails need to be enlarged to convey the whole topic to your audience, but this is not the case. 
Your email will be very short. Just highlight the main topic. Emails should be different from general website content. And your email should carry a clear and concise message about your topic. It should be noted that it takes as little time as possible to read, so that the reader can quickly decide whether to click on the link or call to action (CTA) button inside your campaign email.

3. Language

The most important part of an email marketing campaign strategy is its language. When you give a dazzling title and give it, it must be related to your topic and you have to pay attention to its linguistic side as well.
Then when you go to write something related to your topic on the email body, be sure to use simple language, because your audience may not be as linguistically expert as you.
Since they are your audience, your customers or your subscribers, you should get their attention as much as possible. Moreover, simple language emails will make things easier for the user.
And besides, you must do a little research on your topic or business. With a little research, you will find some common words in your topic that buyers and sellers and the general public use all the time.
You must use these common words in the body of your email marketing campaign. This will increase the value of the email you send to customers. And they will be interested in your topic.
Also, if you campaign using hard words and some uncommon words, both your click-through and conversion rate will go down.
After all, the thing you should avoid doing is constructing complex sentences and using confusing words.
Maybe a couple of complicated words or misleading information you use will prevent your readers from clicking on the links provided in the email or the call to action button. So you have to use common words as much as possible according to your topic.

4. Include pictures

including pictures to an email marketing campaign strategyee
It is better to use one or more pictures in an email along with everything else. However, there is no problem even if not used. But one thing you need to keep in mind that, what is your real intention to run this email marketing campaign?
The first answer is to let your audience know about your business or product. If you do not use a couple of pictures related to your products or topics, your readers will not get a complete idea about your products. 
Secondly, you may know that the click-through rate of a picture email is 42% higher than a normal email. Understandably, if you add a picture to an email, the chances of you clicking on the link or button are greatly increased. Because the pictures are able to grab the attention of the audience.
One thing to keep in mind that you always have to create an image that will be mobile responsive. To say Responsive, don’t forget to take small pictures because lots of people are going to get your email on their smartphones and tablets.
If you want premium attractive images for your email marketing campaign, be sure to visit the sites listed below: 
  • Freepik
  • Pixabay
  • Canva
  • Pexels
  • Burst (By Shopify)
  • Ubsplash
  • Vecteezy
  • Picjumbo
If you want to know more about these sites, you can read this “best free stock photos sites” article.

5. Include some documentary

add some documentary email marketing campaign
If possible, use some documentary in your email marketing campaign. Documentaries can be screenshots of anything, user reviews, your ratings, various comments, videos, etc. This way you can quickly gain the trust of your audience.
Suppose you launch a video editing app in the market. Now you must ask your subscribers to download the app through your email marketing campaign.
But just why your subscribers will download your app. Even if it is, it is very insignificant. But if you come up with a documentary video that is nicely edited with your app, people will definitely be interested in your app.
This will increase the possibility to download of your tools. This way you can quickly become successful by using some documentaries.

6. Unsubscribe button 

email marketing campaign free strategy
This is a kind of freedom of choice that you give your subscribers, they will feel at least a little bit safe and independent. Also, it has a useful feature, which is that it keeps you safe from being kept in spam folders.

7. Email authentication

This is another security measure. Which will help you stay away from spam filters. In addition, it will boost your subscribers’ confidence in your brand.

8. Content Relevancy

You have to fully understand the relevance of the content. Because if you send irrelevant content to your subscribers, they will get annoyed and your subscribers will decrease.
And you can’t generate any revenue from those who are there. Even they will not click on the link provided by you. So? Running an irrelevant email marketing campaign won’t do you any good.
Get to know your subscribers first. .How did you get your subscribers? Of course through a newsletter or an opt-in form. Suppose you introduce yourself as an SEO expert in your opt-in form.
And told them that “If you want to learn SEO, Please subscribe”. Now you need to understand that your subscribers will expect SEO related emails from you. But if you run an email marketing campaign for a “Health and Fitness” related product to those subscribers who know you as an SEO expert, can they really benefit you in any way?
Never post content that is not actually related to your niche and confuses customers. If you take such a step and try to deceive people, be aware that it will quickly backfire and reduce your number of subscribers.

9. Include a call to action button (CTA)

email marketing campaign free
The recipient of your email already understands what topic you are talking about, the content of your email and what your email is from a brief description. This time he is ready to decide in just a few seconds whether he is interested in the topics mentioned in your email. If he is interested then he must look for the links given there. 
Now you have to add a clear and topic related call to action (CTA) button to the bottom of your email. Do not write anything inconsistent on the button. Write short words like “Click Here”, “Download Now”, “Get Access”, “Read More” on the buttons. This will attract more subscribers and increase the chances of clicking on the link.

10. Personal Procedure

Avoid sending emails as a company. Because the person should know who the email is coming from so that he can understand the whole thing. 
You can use an employee or your personal mailing address throughout the process. This will make the email recipient feel that he is being contacted by an individual, not a company. If the recipient receives a mail from the company, he or she will assume that the company is promoting it. This maybe negatively affect your email click-through rate.

11. Optimize the landing page

Always make sure that you have optimized the pages that are initially sending visitors from the mailing list to the landing page. Not having a real page will increase the negative conversion rate.
Even if you create a great email click-through rate, without a proper landing page, by no means are you going to get good results. Just make the page easier to navigate. If you want you can see some readymade templates. Tactically highlight the call-to-action button and provide some additional details that must be related to the information provided in the email.
Don’t add too many elements to the landing page. Give a little bit of information related to your topic and of course give something that is very strong. This will not confuse any subscriber. 

At a Glance- Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

  • Title
  • Email Length
  • Language
  • Include Picture
  • Include Documentary
  • Unsubscribe Button
  • CTA Button
  • Authentication
  • Content Relevancy
  • Personal Procedure
  • Optimize Landing Page

Conclusion of This Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

We hope you find the techniques and learn the full email marketing campaign strategy. As you can see, by taking a few smart steps, you can launch a successful email marketing campaign that is constantly promoting your product.
Since the strategies are constantly being updated, if you can do 70% of the above mentioned strategies successfully then you will definitely find your profit in email marketing and you will be successful in this world of email marketing. Because the above strategies are tested by Advanced Marketer.
Good luck to you. And be patient. Because the results of patience are very good. It may take some time for you to succeed, but I swear, if you follow the above strategies, you will succeed one day. Thanks to all my readers.

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